Japanese traditional wood culture

SOMA is a lifestyle brand focusing on the products made of coniferous. At the start of the brand, we were in charge of the visual identity.

The brand was founded by Mr. Masaru Kawai, a Japanese wood artist. He established that with the aim to communicate Japanese ancient wooden culture to the present age. The brand has a wide range of activities related to wooden culture, including selling original products, workshops, and talk shows.

SOMA は針葉樹のプロダクトを中心としたライフスタイルブランドです。ブランドの立ち上げに際し、私たちはビジュアルアイデンティティ一式を担当しています。

このブランドは日本の木工家 川合優氏が中心となり、日本古来の木の文化を現代に伝えることを目的に発足しました。ブランドの活動は多岐に渡り、オリジナルプロダクトの販売、ワークショップ、トークショーなど、木の文化にまつわる活動を幅広く行なっています。

Logotype, SOMA | Kamimura
Brand mark, SOMA | Kamimura
Logotype, Brand Mark
The logotype and the brandmark are constructed with abstracted elements of woods. The brand name “SOMA” is originated from the word “杣 (soma)”, the name of people who lived and worked with woods in the mountains in Japan. The brand mark is based on the symbols engraved on the tools used by the people.
ロゴタイプとブランドマークは樹木を抽象化したエレメントによって構築されています。ブランドネーム “SOMA” は、かつて日本の山で木々と共に生きた人々の呼称 “杣(そま)” を由来とし、ブランドマークは杣の道具に刻まれたしるしを元に設計しています。
Typeface capital letter, SOMA | Kamimura
Typeface small letter, SOMA | Kamimura
Typeface number, SOMA | Kamimura
Typeface detail, SOMA | Kamimura
The original typeface that is used for products has similar shapes of the logotype. It reflects the unique appearance of the history-laden trees.
Photography 01, SOMA | Kamimura
Photography 02, SOMA | Kamimura
Photography 03, SOMA | Kamimura
Photography 04, SOMA | Kamimura
Printed material
Catalog 01, SOMA | Kamimura
Catalog 02, SOMA | Kamimura
Catalog 03, SOMA | Kamimura
Catalog detail, SOMA | Kamimura
Website 01, SOMA | Kamimura
Website 02, SOMA | Kamimura
Mobile, SOMA | Kamimura
Photography by Masaru Kawai.