Foil Selector

Visualizing the quality of foil stamping

Foil Selector is a series of sample books for visualizing qualities of foil stamping produced by Cosmotech Inc. We were responsible for planning and designing.

The product aims to advertise artisanal skills of the Japanese foil stamping company, to make a sustainable produce system in the factory, and to make foil stamping more common. Because of its high costs and a special way, there is no standard thing to measure the qualities of foil stamping. So usually designers and printers make decisions based on experiences and produce the items within predictable ranges of each. However, printers come to be able to produce more high-quality items which are beyond human expectations since increasing printing technologies and combining artisans' skills in recent years.

Foil Selector は箔押し印刷の老舗コスモテックが発行する、箔押し印刷の精度を可視化するための見本帳です。私たちはこのプロダクトの企画とデザインを担当しています。


Cover, Foil Selector | Kamimura
Cover detail, Foil Selector | Kamimura
Users can add the specimens infinitely by the expandable attachment. Combinations of foils and papers have no limits, thus the company has been producing several versions.
拡張可能な留め具を用いることで、見本は無限に追加することができます。箔と紙の組み合わせは無限にあり、Foil Selector はいくつものバリエーションが発行されています。
Binding, Foil Selector | Kamimura
Typesetting 01, Foil Selector | Kamimura
Typesetting 02, Foil Selector | Kamimura
We made the printing plate for measuring quality through making many prototypes. The team focused on practicality, selected the sizes of characters and lines can be seen by the naked eye. Each specimen is printed by the same plate except the part of names of foils and papers. That allows users to compare the detailed differences of quality by each combination of foil and paper.
Typesetting 03, Foil Selector | Kamimura
Variation 01, Foil Selector | Kamimura
Our team uses surplus papers for prototyping and a part of goods. Foil Selector is not only as just a product but also as a project that reuses by finding values of such materials.
プロトタイプの制作や流通する製品の一部には余剰在庫の紙を用いています。Foil Selector は単なるプロダクトとしてだけでなく、破棄されてしまうような紙に新たな価値を与え再利用するプロジェクトとしても機能しています。
Variation 02, Foil Selector | Kamimura