Canuch Inc.

Idea of materials

Canuch is a design studio focusing on interior design. Along with the studio's expanded business, we were in charge of renewal of the visual identity, then have been continuing to design related projects.

The studio, which has reputation for material selection and flow planning, has dealt with office space, commercial space, furniture design etc of forward-thinking companies. In the renewal of the identity, we also developed a system of logotype and layout so that Canuch's own ideas and values can be seen more clearly for each tool, with a view of the case that the studio starts their own projects.

Canuch はインテリアデザインを活動の中心としたデザインスタジオです。事業のステップアップに伴い、私たちはビジュアルアイデンティティのリニューアルを担当、その後も継続して関連プロジェクトのデザインなどを行なっています。


Logotype 01, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
We designed the logotype of Unicase alphabet (mixed case letters) that combines a strong straight line of sans serif body and delicate detail of serif body. It reflects one of the studio’s ideas, “combination of materials with different properties.”
サンセリフ体の強い直線とセリフ体の繊細なディテールを組み合わせた、ユニケースアルファベット(大文字と小文字が混ざったアルファベット)のロゴタイプを設計しました。同スタジオがデザインに用いる “異なる性質を持った素材の組み合わせ” の考えを反映しています。
Logotype 02, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Stationery 01, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Stationery 02, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Stationery 03, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Stationery 04, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Layout system
In order to make use of the material’s texture, we developed a layout system that emphasizes whitespaces as same as character elements. Like the space design centered on the flow line of people, we designed based on human gaze.
Greeting 01, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Greeting 02, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Greeting 03, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Printed material
Printed materials such as stationery are developed using several different materials.
Greeting detail, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Website 01, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Website 02, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Website 03, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
Mobile, Canuch Inc. | Kamimura
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